Learn about the origin of the scream!


  • the points you make are great! the scream makes them hilarious because I feel like I relate to the frustration and exasperation. that’s how I feel when im talking to friends or family about similar topics. it just fits so well and honestly im rolling by the end of most rants. Keep it up.

  • I fell in “love” with this guy the second I came across his video. I usually don’t watch videos, they’re annoying. But I saw the title of it and I could tell he was my kind of people, so I clicked play. I had never laughed so hard at the same time saying hell effing yes! Finally, somebody with the balls to publicly say what a lot of us think and not give a hoot what the snowflakes say about it. Dishing out the greatest insults in such a way that people really shouldn’t get offended. Watching Graham do his thing is the highlight of my day and since I started subscribing, my stress and anger has gone down because somebody is saying it and not bowing down to the PC brigade. Graham, you make me proud to be an American, and even more proud of the military you serve and honor and defend. You Sir, are a true icon and thank you for standing up to the bullshit!

  • I just ran across you today through FB and have been cracking up laughing, not only at the rants, the truths, but that scream! My Son is 27 and has done this since he was like 12, it leaves the entire family in tears from laughing! Thanks so much for being real, entertaining and making me laugh!

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