Dear America,
In a world that is separated on most issues, I think I speak for everyone when I say that our men and women in uniform are the exception to that statement. In a word, they are the very best our country has to offer at any given time. The word hero is one that is lost in this generation. A hero is labeled as a football player, a country singer, or an actor/actress.

However, I think it is more like this…

A REAL HERO, is someone that put their job/calling above themselves. A person that at any moment was willing to give everything, to include their own life, for you and me. A Hero, thinks differently than most people. They do not think in selfish fashion. They think and live their life selflessly A REAL HERO, is someone that doesn’t do it for recognition. In fact, many men and women who wear our countries uniforms can barely even afford to pay their own bills. They simply do it because they believe in this country and what it stands for. They do it for their families and they do it for people they will never meet.

Unfortunately, our society as a whole has lost focus of what a True hero is these days. You have people like George Ciccariello, A Drexel Professor, that has become very well known for his controversial tweets. Most recently, he was on a plane in which a passenger surrendered their first class seat to a service member. This has become a common practice and a sign of gratitude for citizens to give back to our men and women in uniform.

However, Ciccariello had his own thoughts on the subject…

In this tweet, Ciccariello displays not only his distaste for the act, but also his ignorance. The utter nerve of a citizen to show such disrespect to their very people that allow them the freedom to act in that manner in the first place. This goes with the new and common narrative of disrespect within our society. In this day, it is more “popular’ to be against things than it is to simply be supportive of our societies norms.

This type of behavior simply can not be tolerated. We as Americans owe our men and women past, present, and future more than to let this behavior slide. We must choose to take back our society from within. We must re-establish the norm of respect and gratitude within us. We as Americans have the power to facilitate change. We can make a difference. Our REAL HEROES, within our country, deserve that from us all.

This is America, and it is time we ALL started to act like it.



  • Both of my Soldier boys lost battle brothers to Veteran suicide and they themselves have forever been changed … for cowardly snowflake LOOSERS like ciccariello up there 👆 … This both infuriates me, and makes me want to vomit.

  • My fiancée was in the army and has been deployed several times, and because I wasn’t around for that part of his life.. he eas so broken when I met him. Seeing his fellow soldiers, his FAMILY, die in such ways as they had was horrific, which only added to the day to day depressions he already faced back at “home” in America..
    The men and women who are in the military deserve all the respect and courtesy possible… they go through so much already and while I’m sure they can handle a rude comment or gesture, they still could use a lot less stress in their lives.

    • I see examples of this type of crap every day. Like burning our flag. On the one hand, my inclination is to go forth and inflict grievous bodily injury. On the other hand, I gave a significant portion of my life, including my most productive years, to provide that moron the freedom to do that hateful and disrespectful thing. I didn’t do it for thanks. I damned sure didn’t do it for the money. I did it because I felt it was the right thing to do.
      When I retired from active duty, I got to speak for a few minutes to my squadron. I told them that when I started out in the Navy, I was not a patriot – but I came to be one. And when I recognized that I had become a patriot, I also realized that was when I started enjoying some success at what I was doing. After some long thought, it came to me that the reason I having success, is because I wasn’t just doing my job. I was doing my job for the right reasons. I think that explanation fits a lot of our current active duty force, and I hope they come to see that in themselves. My reason was patriotism, and theirs may be different, but for them all it needs to be is the right reason.
      Heroes are the guys who run to the sound of guns. Who run toward the fire. Who answer the call even when it isn’t their call. Heroes are the people who look disaster in the eye and go on about doing their job. Guys who do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Just my two cents.

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