The Problem with “Cash Me Outside” and the American Mindset….

     Social Media on it’s surface looks harmless.  It has connected the world in ways many never thought possible.  With the original idea being to connect family members and loved ones at the click of a button, it has become the way that the world sees our very society.  In that mindset, we have also lost ourselves.

    Danielle Bregoli, more commonly known as the “Cash Me Outside” girl is 14 years old.  She was skyrocketed to internet and social media fame after appearing on an episode of Dr. Phil in which she displayed the very backwards thinking and parenting narratives that plague this country.  However, instead of being met with resistance for her behavior and overall mindset from within the American society.  She was praised and idolized by the majority of Americans.  This, in itself, shows a much larger problem within our society.

    Many will come to Bregoli’s defense, by saying she is just a child and her mother is truly to blame.  I do not disagree.  My thoughts on Bregoli are not fueled by hate or disdain for the child, but rather the American people who promote her actions.  In a matter of months, Bregoli has amassed a whopping 9.6M followers on Instagram.  Why you ask?  That is the REAL question.  Why would a child who displays such disrespect and hatred towards the social order and her own parents be idolized in such a way?

    The answer is actually very simple and shocking…………WE ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN BECAUSE WE EMBRACE THE NEGATIVE!!

   In a post on my Daily Rants Facebook page, I made a comparison between the mindset of Americans for Bregoli and an American HERO.  You can view the original post at this link.  DEAR AMERICA

    5M people later and thousands of comments you can see an alarming trend.  People will defend Bregoli and curse the comparison of her and the fallen hero.  They do this by saying, she is just a child and the mother is to blame.  Again, I do not disagree with this mindset.  However, by defending the post and branding it as negative we do nothing but prove the REAL problem.  The post was not an attack on Bregoli, but rather an attack on our society and what we invest our time, energy, and money.  We as a society idolize and praise what is wrong and incorrect.  We do this simply because it is what trends.  It is the narrative in which social media lives.  Instead of a NAVY SEAL losing his life in support of his country trending,  we have Bregoli trending, yet again, because she was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for “Most Trending”.

   America, the problem with social media is not the outlets that we let control our lives.  The troubling trend of negative role models for our children doesn’t fall on the shoulders of the mass internet monopolies that exist.  The problem is US!  We allow these things to happen by simply doing nothing in trying to stop it.  We can make our difference by controlling the starting point for all of this.  We must take back our homes!  The starting point for all future decisions is our very living rooms.  We are the problem, but we are also the SOLUTION.

As always,

I’m Graham Allen and I’ll see you again next time.


    • It’s the ‘dumbing down’ of America. Everything and I mean everything is OK, nothing is out of bounds anymore. Morals, forget it, rules? Nope. Sad, very sad. I’m glad I’m at the age I am, but I fear for my grandson. My daughters were made to do chores, get jobs in high school and neither had a car til they could afford the insurance. They have become adults that can and do it all and appreciate what they have.

      • I totally agree. My children are all in the 40ish range and were raised to respect authority, their elders and their peers. All are high school graduates and all are productive members of society. I’m thankful to say that their children are also being raised with values but it saddens me that their friends not so much.

  • I totally agree with your thoughts, this idea that tge negative is the popular and better choice is what is wrong with America. It all falls to a lack of morality and loss of respect for our fellow man/woman.

  • Gram you are so right it’s disgusting how people idolize this young gal I can’t even say lady she’s horrible and not a fallen hero who should be worshipped by every American . Thank you again for serving our country bless you and your family 😉🙏

  • I did not see your original post as negative at all, those who do are part of the problem. I shared your original post on my Facebook page and added my two cents as well. I love your daily rants! Things will not change in our nation until the majority of our citizens wake up and see that there are things we accept and witness daily that are actual problems-not normal, and not to be accepted!
    Thank you for your truths you share in your daily rants, and now in this blog! I look forward to reading more.
    Billie Hinkle

  • As always a great point of view and straight forward….couldn’t agree more! And love that you have a blog and don’t have to worry about FB silliness 🙂

  • Love your posts, also feel like in the case of the bratty teen its a no win. Even when you are speaking out against the behavior you are still sharing the link and causing the “trending”. Not sure what we as an individual can do, i just try to raise my own kids to be respectful.

  • I completely agree with you. I am one of the ones that commented on the Man who gave his life for our country. I refused then to even comment on her. My daughter is active duty and my husband is a vet and those men and women deserve the utmost respect. Thanks for your Blogs and videos. I don’t always agree with you but I do love your passion. On this though you are right on!

  • I alway look forward to hearing your opinions because they are thoughtful, well-put, and seriously funny.
    As the mom and MIL of career service members (Army & Air Force), I always get aggravated when negative, childish people are treated as heroes and role models, while men & women who’ve spent their entire adult lives in service to our country are barely acknowledged by the media and generally forgotten by the population at large.
    So, from a military mom, thank you for both your military service and your rants, which help remind folks of the warriors who protect them.

  • You are right on target! I agree with your views 100%! I wishould I could speak as eloquently as you do so I could get these exact thoughts and points out to people. You’re doing a fantastic job!

  • I think this Bregoli girl is looking at all the attention and fame as being a validation of her bad attitude and values.

    It’s more than a little disturbing!

    This girl’s mother is obviously completely ineffectual in correcting this little girl’s attitude and if any of you think, “she’s trying but her daughter is just out of control” I’d call bullshit.

    This kid is only being allowed to act the way she is acting and it’s a complete repudiation of what is considered right and proper parenting.

    If this were my kid, and she was acting this way, she’d have absolutely ZERO privileges, no Instagram, no Facebook, a little flip phone that can only call me and one other person…. and no rap music or exposure to the types of cultures that she’s idolizing UNTIL she turned her ungrateful ass around.

    If she strays, and doesn’t act like a proper girl, she gets punished.

    She steps out of line, she gets a smack!

    If she does good, then she gets positive reinforcement and love and freedom for that which is good gains trust.

    As a society, let’s be better than giving this girl a platform.

  • Graham, I love your posts. One point I would enjoy your opinion/input on us this; yes parents are generally responsible for their child’s actions and behaviors, but there is also the direct influence of our current societal norms, which have become more than deplorable. When a child gets to late elementary school and early high school, their friends tend to out-trump the parent’s teaching. Friends become everything. We parents with strict, strong, and moral standards many times get trampled. As I agree with parents being ultimately responsible, there is also the profound influences of our very troubled world, i.e., there’s divorce, gender nonsense, political correctness, snowflakes, and the list is endless. I just don’t see that a parent is entirely to blame. There is also the mental illness factor, which can also present to be hugely significant.

  • The fact that she is so famous now and she makes so much money for being a disrespectful little brat, makes my blood boil. I agree with you, Graham. I only wish there was a way I could keep up with my friends online and not have to see all the other crap that keeps trending. Keep being awesome!

  • I couldn’t agree more with You, Graham. I am an 8th grade teacher, and it is very apparent that what we are choosing to embrace, or even accepting by NOT fighting it…is sickening. These young kids are lacking in respect and dignity. It starts in the home! It is a shame what social media has done to this world in many ways.

  • Thank you so much for what you do! It’s a sad day we live in now when people idolize and look up to,and follow to a fault the Wrong people!! It’s nothing but BS anymore! I’m on board with making America great again!

  • As a former middle school teacher, I agree with you 100 percent. I expected some attitude from my 8 grade students -hormones raging, trying to figure out where they fit in socially, etc – but to see the entitlement and attitude walking in the doors as 11 and 12 year olds is disheartening. Playing witness to the total lack of parental involvement and control continues to amaze me… and heaven for it the child fail because they will inevitably turn it around as a failure of the teacher, no responsibility taken on their end.

    I enjoy your rants, you have the voice that I wish I had, so thank you.

  • Parents I feel use their own kids to obtain fame and money using social media, or they are so disconnected from their own kids and are raising them to be “it’s all about me” mentality. I remember right after 9/11, especially here in NY people where much kinder, patient and giving, and as quickly as that happened it went away. I don’t get how society thinks anymore and I’m not old! It’s just sad to think these kids will be our future.

  • She is famous the same way you are famous….she caters to her niche and so do u.
    The content of both, to me, is just as ridiculous. You wear a flag….my uncle died of agent orange…and hold a gun to get your followers heated up over Nothing. My uncle wouldnt appreciate what you do.
    She acts like a fool.
    Our president is a fool….so nerd u ask why fools are followed

  • The saddest part about this girl? Her mother caused all of this… She was an angry bitter women when her and Danielle’s father split when Danielle was still a baby, she filed false restraining order after restraining order on him and he being a L.E.O. he eventually had to succumb. He has and always pays his support, yet was not allowed to see Danielle her mother moved 1/2 across the states, when Danielles father married and started a family… I could go on and on…

  • The real problem, plain and simple, is the absence of parents with traditional values and faith. Mo one wants to hear it. Children are growing up in single parent families with mo expectaions or discipline and no faith base. I will ge crucified for saying it, but there it is. The cycle perpetuates: single girl has baby, looking for the father (ugh “baby daddy”) to love her or looking for something to love (her baby). The boy leaves, the girl moves on to the nexr one, the baby can’t give the love the girl needs, the baby has no guidance, the girl has amorher baby, these babies grow up searching for the same love, etc. No one wsnts to believe in God when everything is morally relative. It’s a mess. The snake eating it’s own tail.

  • The dilemma I have that this whole social media thing is the duct for you to reach us. Which is awesome. On the flip side, it breeds this massive ship of fools who live and breath with the useless babbling of some 14 year old troll, along with literally countless other social media self proclaimed geniuses. I fear we are fast becoming a lost civilization, full of mindless soapbox screamers.

  • Great post Graham. I wish we could go back to simpler times. I grew up in the 80’s and was a teen in the 90’s, life was just so uncomplicated. I am also part of social media, FB and Instagram mostly and everything I like has to do with politics, movies, tv, books and animals. Social media IS an addiction and I try hard to stay away from it because so much of it infuriates me now. I was just saying this morning that we are becoming a faithless and valueless country, devoid of morals. I see more young girls and women posting half naked pics on Instagram than ever before. I am so scared of what this world will be like in 10 yrs.

  • You are so right. Our problem is us, but we can fix it.
    Parents need to stop being afraid to discipline their children. My husband and certainly aren’t afraid and we have the four best behaved children in their school.
    We as a whole need to stop focusing on the negative. And we need to stop teaching our children hate.
    It’d be amazing to see the difference in this country if we all did just those three things.

  • As a teacher, kids come in all varieties, it is my job to lead from the front. I can read your rant and blog to my secondary students some will get others not so much. Living in a small town I have seen many grow up and say to me, I remember when you said…or read. Your point is right. But the next step is to remind others to lend a helping hand to those who are lost. That is what our American Heros stand for- because of a deeper sense of loyality to what is right.
    Love your writing! Love America

  • Unfortunately, Bregoli is like driving by a car wreck, people cannot help but look. She fascinates people in a twisted way. The hero, the Navy Seal, is what is “normal” and healthy and whole about us, what is right with us…. business as usual. I’m old enough to want to try to fix Bregoli and learn everything about the hero, to reach out to his family and tell them what a remarkable person they’ve raised and offer my deepest condolences.

    The few who will raise children with character need to never give up and never give in. America NEEDS those few.

  • What has happened to our Nation?Absolutely ridiculous this little girl would be more popular than a hero! Like you said we let it happen stop being stupid people… be leaders not followers! Lead our country into a better place!

  • This child has not been well raised by her parents. They have done her no favors – are we looking at the creation of the next ‘Kardashian’? So she will be the next person famous for……nothing?

    If this happens at 14 – she will never be more than she is now – which is certainly sad.

    Love your blog. Thanks for all you do – the more Common Sense pushed out into the public – hopefully the more it catches on.

  • She and her mother are good parts of what is wrong with this population right now — but so are people who watch the stupid shows that put them on in the first place. Turn that crap off ..go outside and do something productive. As far as “cash me ousside” girl….I am betting she will be in jail or prison soon enough.

  • I would not have the time or the patience to deal with this kid. The reason we have kids such as this is due to the government taking away the rights of the parents to discipline our children. This was due to people who thought that spanking a child is child abuse. Now I realize, that there are a great number of children who are being abused and those parents need to be dealt with. But for someone who teaches their kids respect, manners and how to appreciate things, is another story. Thanks Graham for speaking so many truths, that others refuse to talk about.

  • I’m so out of touch with that generation I had no idea who she was (I have no kids). Then I noticed a Bitmoji referring to her. It’s repulsive that her words became a household name. Thanks for speaking the truth. Love it. The older I get, the more I’m losing my filter!

  • I have a beautiful 4 year old granddaughter that I hope to make this world and country better, for her future. I think about how bad society has become. The common dangers we all face each day. Human trafficking, terrorism, random gang violence. My family is fortunate that we live very rural, away from big city problems. The people in our area are farmers, rànchers, and blue collar hard working folks. I’ll keep my family rural as long as I can to protect our AMERICAN way of life.

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